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Welcome to Tales of Rome

Hi everybody!

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Giulia,  an archaeologist. Now, it happens that, pretty unfortunately, being archaeologist in Italy doesn’t mean that you have a job exactly…
So for this and many other reasons, few years ago I started to work also as an Official Rome tourist guide.

And, I must say, I discovered that I really like it!
First: tourists are usually happy people thus it is nice to work with them :)
Second: this is the perfect way to share my knowledge, all the things that I have studied for the last 14 years.
Third: I love to learn new stories and curiosities about my city, and this is a way to turn it into a job.

And so, starting the new job and new life I have used my Roman friends as guinea pigs to check my stories and they loved them! I swear that I have heard them telling my stories to someone else.

So that is why I opened this blog. Share my stories, tales and tips about Rome, the cities’ queen.

I know, the Internet is full of pages about Rome and Romans. Anyway could you discern if they are telling you the truth? I think real history is interesting enough that you don’t need more fanta-archaeology and fake misteries to enjoy it.

Trust me, I’m an archaeologist :)

For all my foreign friends: enjoy my blog, share it and if you will come to Rome contact me to book your private tour or simply for asking more tips.

For all my Italians friends: enjoy my blog too, share it too and stay tuned because I am going to organize guided tours also in Italian and share Italian content soon, to discover the hidden treasures or better know the most famous attractions of the city.

Thanks to my personal communication guru and husband I also have a facebook page: Talesofrome so… like it and share it!

And don’t forget my twitter account where you’ll be able to find all the news: follow me @talesofrome!

Let’s start this Rome journey! I hope you’ll like it!