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Happy Valentine! Top Five Romantic Places in Rome

Are you in Rome with your Valentine to celebrate? Let me suggest the best romantic places in Rome to make your Roman holiday the most romantic ever… and impress your lover!


Just above Piazza del Popolo, on this terrace you can have the best panorama in Rome. Visit it at sunset and add some magic atmosphere!


Looking for a different point of view? Choose the Janiculum Hill with its park, just across the Tiber river for another magnificent panorama. End your perfect Valentine day with a dinner in the charming district of Trastevere, just below the hill.

castel sant'angelo

Nearby St. Peter Basilica, this was emperor Hadrian’s mausoleum later transformed in a fortress. Reach it from Ponte S. Angelo and go to the terraces overlooking the river. And once you are there… enjoy the atmosphere.

giardino degli aranci

Just beside the medieval church of Santa Sabina, on the Aventine Hill, this is one of my favorite places in Rome. A small, cozy garden full of orange trees with an amazing view on the river and St. Peter’s dome. Charming.


Do you feel like being more active? Go to the small lake of Villa Borghese and rent a boat. What could be more romantic than this?You’ll got also a good chance to show off your muscles :)

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