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Our guide was absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable great energy. Truly one of the best tours I’ve taken.
Kimberly S.

Really enjoyed the Vatican tour. Julia was an excellent guide – very knowledgeable professional.
Margaret G.

Well informed tour guide who made the trip interesting and educational.
Vincent L.

Our tour guide was fantastic. She was clear and concise with her directions, very organized bit most of all. She was knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter.
Jacqueline B.

Julia was really good. English was very easy to understand. She really provided many interesting facts with the Colosseum and Roman ruins tour. It was a very hot day and she also did everything she could to find shade for us while she spent a few minutes sharing the stories and facts she had.
Joan T.

Excellent and informative our guide Giulia was helpful and knowledgeable. She was able to patiently answer all questions from the group and was also able to locate shady spots to keep everyone comfortable. I expected to be wowed by the Colosseum and was not disappointed the Roman Forum was an incredible bonus we are very glad that we took this tour. Five stars.
Tracey M.

Thought Julia was very good, very informative and helpful. This was our first tour and we would be likely to now do more.
Nicholas B.

The Colosseum Roman Forum and Palatine tour was excellent. Julia our tour guide was superb and very knowledgeable in Roman history and architecture.
Regulo T.

The knowledge our guide Julia possessed was astonishing. The whole experience was outstanding.
Roger W.

Julia was very knowledgeable, she engaged the group and answered all the questions thrown at her. She made the tour very enjoyable and educational of course.
Richard L.

Tour guide was excellent and when we ran into her the next day at a different monument she recognized us and stopped to chat.
Amy S.

Giulia was so knowledgeable and personable. We loved detailed story concerning the coliseum roman forum and palatine hill. I would highly recommend this tour.
Chantal D.

Giulia was a great tour guide and very knowledgeable.
Senneca H.

Julia was very knowledgeable about all the things on the tour of the Vatican. It was great to have so much information to go along with the things we were looking at.
Frank O.

Extraordinarily smart and knowledgeable guide.
Michael K.

Our guide, Giulia, was fantastic. The day of our tour there was a serious delay in entrance due to a change in the Vatican schedule. She handled the problem with ease and grace and made the most of a trying circumstance. Her knowledge and expertise made all the difference for us to understand what we were looking at.
Marybeth R.

Julia is so wonderful – she really knows what she is talking about and makes the entire experience enjoyable. She also makes it entertaining for people of all ages, including important information but never overloading with facts. Julia is a delight and I am so happy she was my guide – I had a great experience overall.
Sarah G.

This was the first tour we took when beginning our Italian adventure. I was so amazed with the amount of knowledge and passion from Giulia. I felt that I was taken back in time to Rome’s early beginnings.
Michael M.

Giulia is very knowledgeable about the architecture and buildings. Love her accent!!!!
Raquel C.

Great tour, would have been confusing to try to tackle this on our own and we wouldn’t have really known or appreciated what we were seeing in the Roman Forum without the explanations. Giulia was an excellent tour guide.
Mike C.

She is very knowledgeable .

A very well organised and informative tour
David O.

Our tour was brilliant it made the experience 100% better as we could never have known all the stories and facts that our guide knew. She was full of information and was able to answer all questions thrown at her! She was friendly and kept everyone’s attention throughout. I would recommend to family and friends if they where ever planning on visiting Rome.
Colleen O.

The guide was excellent in her knowledge and I enjoyed the tour.
Maria S.

My husband and I booked this tour with high hopes, and Giulia did not disappoint. She was the best tour guide that we’ve ever had! She explained everything in great detail and with so much passion, too. Very grateful that we had her as our guide.

Excellent knowledge and good organisation, friendly tour guide good at answering questions. Thanks.
Barry S.

Giulia brought the paintings, tapestry and everything she discussed to life. Her knowledge is amazing as well as her marvelous command of the English language. I have suggested to my friends to request Giulia to be their guide.
Sylvia B.

Wonderful and very knowledgeable.
Kimberly C.

Very enjoyable tour and guide was extremely knowledgeable and kept the tour very interesting
Kathleen H.

She was a nice person. Knows everything i ask a question about the gladiators and she answer my question no dudes she its very knowledge i recommend her thanks for the explanations
Katia C.

Fantastic and very knowledgeable!
Jesse A.

The tour was excellent. Giulia was great!
Billie Jo B.

Very knowledgable guide, her English was excellent and she spoke clearly at an excellent pace managing to keep the whole group engaged. She was happy to answer questions, even if it meant repeating herself and gave sufficient time for people to explore and take pictures.
Francesca C.

Loved the tour, Giulia was very good and had a lot of experience.
Rachel M.

Brilliant tour, brilliant guide, brilliant city
Danny C.

Our Guide was so knowledgeable and just a pleasure to be around. We enjoyed our whole tour.
Andrea M.

Tour guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour very enjoyable and interesting. Would recommend this tour.
Linda O.

We were delighted with her commentary and she managed to give some humour as well as the historical points of interest and beauty. My husband and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who mentions a trip to Rome from Scotland THANK YOU.
Helen W.

Giulia was an excellent guide who brought the Colleseum and it’s history alive for us. She coped with the most horrendous rain storm and guided us to a safe exit from the Forum. EXCELLENT
Helen W.

1st Class tour guide with in-depth knowledge and great communication skills.
James W.

Excellent and really knew her stuff. Very pleasant manner, top marks.
Judith M.

Very enjoyable and detailed tour. Giulia was extremely knowledgeable.
Stephen P.

Very impressive.
Barry W.

Giulia provided us with a comprehensive and well informed tour, her archaeology background also provided us with deeper insight into the development of the buildings.
James G.

Giulia was excellent! Funny and engaging and very knowledgeable.
Ken B.

Our guide was great. She kept us engaged and answered any questions we had.
Todd F.

Very informative.
Jaquelin C.

We found the guide very informative and showed her passion for the city, she is also an archaeologist so had a few insight info.
Greg H.

Giulia was very sweet and professional; she was receptive to questions and knowledgeable on tour subject matter.
Vera W.

She did a great job!

She was friendly, well informed and interesting.
Harper A.

Giulia was a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and shared interesting details about the colosseum and roman forum. She was also very kind when my older daughter became ill from the heat and guided us to shady spots as she spoke.
Cathie S.

Giulia did a great job even in the heat. She was extremely knowledgeable and can see when the group needed a break. Well done.
Loretta G.

None, our guide was informative, excellent.
Danielle S.

Giulia is very knowledgeable, and answered a ton of questions. She was pleasant and well organized.
Philip P.

Giulia did an amazing job! Fun and informative tour!
Stacy T.

The first archaeologist I have ever met. She did a good job telling us about the ruins.
Adele W.

Giulia welcomed us by name in a friendly manner and conducted a fascinating and knowledgeable tour. I still marvel at how she holds all the information to deliver a faultless commentary on Rome’s history. Thank you and best wishes Giulia.
Valerie L.

She was amazing! Best tour guide I’ve had.
Mackenzie G.

She was very friendly and can tell that she was very experienced. She was an archaeologist and brought little tidbits about her knowledge into the tour that was amazing and personal at the same time. All in all she was great!
Daniel S.

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